tailor made cosmetics

tailor made cosmetics

Every project has a beat, a tempo, its own musical rhythm. At Capsum, we co-create tailor-made products with you, adapting to your needs and timeframe.

flash project

Are you enticed by a product collection or prototype?
We personalize your formula (color, active ingredients, fragrance) for a quick and effective go-to-market.
• Short development time / Quick win
• Customized product
• Revamp or reinvigorate your product line

original product

Are you looking for the ability to create an extraordinary, unique product… a masterpiece? We take time to work with you to create an incomparable product to attract new customers, the press, and influencers.
• Innovative, high profile project
• Flagship product of the brand
Buzz product : strong impact, energized marketing and communication.

turnkey product range

Are you looking for launching a line of products simultaneously?
We help you design, develop and market your complete range, or even your own brand: marketing concept, graphic design identity, product names, packaging….
• Integrated development
• Brand consistency and strength
• Hand-picked project team

from A to Z

Capsum ensures the entire process to deliver your finished product. A dedicated team will accompany you from brainstorming to delivery, chosen based on your needs and the type of product you envision. We are by your side at every stage of development.

Listen and guide

Creation of the marketing brief

Create and develop

Creation of the formula
Choice of primary and/or secondary packaging
Stability and compatibility tests

Invent and manufacture

Pilot creation for industrial transposition

Manufacturing and packaging

Secure and control

Conforming to market legislation with regulatory compliance
Quality Controls


Packaging, shipment

Launch and promote

Scientific communication
Promotional support
Scientific representation of Microfluidics

Brand coaching

Brand concept
Graphic design identity
Brand and product name recommendations