Advanced Ingredient Transport Technology

NeoGouttes™ are nano-emulsions that Capsum commercializes as ingredients or as components in finished products.
The NeoGouttes™ are a very efficient way of vectorizing lipophilc or hydrophilic concentrates of active ingredients. Physically and chemically isolated from the rest of the formula, the active ingredients are protected and conveyed through the skin so as to reach maximum bioavailability.


The droplets’ ideally small size allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin very easily, and guarantees precise delivery closest to the biological target.


Completely innocuous, the NeoGouttes™ are biodegradable nano-emulsions from natural lipids free of any inorganic nano-particles.


The NeoGouttes™ provide the encapsulated ingredient with new texture properties while reinforcing its efficacy. The product is soft, light and silky smooth, and it penetrates very well.